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Feb 21, 2013 3:00pm EST
this, frankly, but in '94 i came out when clinton and gingrich were doing their thing. frankly at the time i wanted to raise the age limit on social security and medicare recipients, and i wanted to raise it in 2010 because i figured in '94 no one would care, and that was also when the demographic thing kicked off, so it's been a long time on this issue for me. well, we're there now, and -- >> no we're at the age. >> in '94 entitlements were 50% of federal outlays, up from 28% in 1960, but to my horo under the george bush administration they went from 50 to 63, medicare "d." now at 67% of all federal outlays are entitlements. maybe put that in perspective. if you look at the actuaries out there, entitlements are scheduled to grow 700 billion in the next four years. >> 700 billion in the next four years. >> just to change in entitlements. that's as the deck gramps kick in. >> you wanted to raise the entitlement age. now they are debating this. but how much would just raising it for medicare, from 65 to 67, how much money does that get you? >> well, it depends on over what time p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1